Scholarship Not Available!

Sorry, this scholarship is no longer offered.

What They're Looking For

  • 🎓Study Year: Grade 12
  • 💵Financial Need
  • 🍎Grades (Not Required): 80 - 100%

Additional Notes

Not everyone has the same benefits in life, but that does not need to limit their opportunity for success. Success is achieved through hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and being resourceful. We want to grant this scholarship to a deserving grade 12 student who exemplifies these qualities and has demonstrated their commitment to success. The recipient of this scholarship will be someone who has a financial need, but will also be someone who has demonstrated personal growth, leadership, and contribution, despite the challenges they face. We are looking for a motivated person who aspires to making a positive impact in their world.  

About Scholarship

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to post secondary school. Many young people are talented, committed, and driven to succeed, but need a little help to get started. This Scholarship is designed to help someone who has these attributes but has limited means to fund their education. Lack of ability to pay should not be a reason a promising young person is denied an education. We hope this small contribution will make a difference in one young person's journey to achieve their goals. 

About Company

Benard + Associates was founded in 2004 with a vision to integrate our expertise in investigations and mediation.

With a focus on professional regulation and workplace disputes, Benard + Associates developed their specialty, and has remained focused on these two complimentary areas of practice. With this decision to remain focused on these key areas of practice, Benard + Associates has become known across Canada for its expertise and practical solutions to meeting the needs of its diverse client group. Dean and Brenda Benard work together to further develop and refine innovative solutions and practical approaches to everything we do. As the company grows every year, Brenda, Dean, and the Benard + Associates team are excited at what the future holds and the positive impact we will continue to have for our clients and the public in general.

As leaders in our community we are committed both as a company and individually to adding value within our communities through volunteerism, charitable donations, and environmental consciousness.