What They're Looking For

  • 🎓Study Year (Not Required): 1st - 4th Year

Additional Notes

How to Apply?

We would accept videos only from kindergarteners or pupils up to the 5th grade.

  • Applicants must create an original video on the topic: How Do You Do Math at Home?
  • When you are ready to upload your file, use either Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Parents should follow our social media handles on Facebook and Instagram.
  • To submit your entry, email [email protected] with the title “How Do You Do Math at Home Submission” and the video file.
  • Please attach proof of your child’s academic status to your submission.  If your child is in a class higher than grade 5, you will be  disqualified from the competition.

About Scholarship

Do you have a child of ages from kindergarten to the fifth grade? If so, we want to hear from them!  Brighterly is proud to announce a scholarship for kids of ages 3-12. The  winner of the scholarship will be determined in a video contest. Your  child could win $1000 in this competition to further their educational  pursuits, so why not seize this opportunity today? Visit our website for  more information on how to enter your child into the contest. We can't  wait to see their submissions!

More about our scholarship read here.

About Company

Brighterly is definitely not just another website with poorly qualified people pretending to be any good at and interested in teaching math to your kids. Rather, Brighterly is the platform with carefully and strictly selected educators with prior experience in teaching math for kids and passion for teaching math to kids. It is also an actual educational center operating on a curriculum that has been diligently developed by experts in compliance with standards. We know that nurturing knowledge in a child is not as easy as that - our math tutors know what to do in any situation to make sure your kid leaves each class extra brighter!

Get better at Math. Get better at everything. Are you searching for easy and affordable math for kids help?Browse no more, as Brighterly teachers will take your kids’ knowledge to the next level.