What They're Looking For

All students are eligible!

About Scholarship

We have read A LOT of essays!  Plus there are 500+ pages of information on how to study and how to prepare for a test on our website. We have seen a lot when it comes to students, study skills and test prep.

What we are looking for are interesting and different ideas or approaches.  If you are going to write about how to make a study plan or how important it is to take breaks, you probably won’t be selected.

Here is last years winner – this is a different approach – the language is kind of funky but still professional, lot of good advice and information, lots of attitude, a complete time table and to-do list.  Overall a well-written essay and different to anything else we have on the site.

About Company

The Complete Test Preparation Team has been publishing high quality study materials since 2005. Over one million students visit our websites every year, and thousands of students, teachers and parents all over the world (over 100 countries) have purchased our teaching materials, curriculum, study guides and practice tests. Complete Test Preparation is committed to providing students with the best study materials and practice tests available on the market. Members of our team combine years of teaching experience, with experienced writers and editors, all with advanced degrees. Our Test Preparation guides are available in English, French and Chinese.