Scholarship Not Available!

Sorry, this scholarship is no longer offered.

What They're Looking For

Study Year:
- Currently in Grade 12 or have completed Grade 12 within the past 12 months
- Currently in a post-secondary program
- Or, currently in gap year

Program/School: Any

Gap Year Status:
- Student must show proof of post-secondary school Deferred Admission status into a program for the next school year
- Or, show proof of Leave of Absence status with their current post-secondary program

Gap Year Goals: In the scholarship application, student must tell us why they will be taking a gap year and what they have planned for that gap year

Scholarship Payout: Winner will be selected in June 2020 with monetary payout once the gap year is done and proof of enrolment is supplied

About Scholarship

Taking a gap year between high school and college or university has so many benefits. It gives students a chance to mature, to travel, to have new experiences and gain new perspectives, to build skills, and really explore life outside the protected world of school. It can help them take their education more seriously, and do better when they return. However, taking a year off can be a financial hardship, especially if they want to work, travel or volunteer. The Mobilize Gap Year Scholarship makes it a little easier for them spend time on personal growth – and go back to school with greater energy and motivation.

About Company

Mobilize Scholarships
Supporting and developing young people

Mobilize Jobs was founded with an important vision: to help tackle youth unemployment. Offering scholarships to help students get job-ready is a vital part of that goal. Our annual scholarships help support students who need financial assistance, relieving some of the burden as they get through school, get started in their working lives, grow as people – and become the leaders, visionaries and change-makers we need.

Watch this video to learn about the Mobilize Jobs program for work/travel adventures across Canada.