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What They're Looking For

All students are eligible!

About Scholarship

The main aim of this scholarship is to provide scooter riders with information regarding the importance and benefits of wearing a helmet when riding.

Statistical figures show that about 544,000 people suffer ride-related crashes each year and out of this 820 of them will perish from them.

It is important for scooter/motorcycle riders to know that while small cuts and bruises can easily heal, head injuries could last forever or even lead to related attacks of the brain.

A helmet is something we all need when riding, they could save your life if you encounter accidents. For this reason, most governments have enacted helmet rules to govern riders.

We are interested in equipping the students with knowledge regarding helmets and provide them with the benefits of using one when riding thereby keeping them safe.

About Company

The helmet Gear Lab lists a number of safety equipment, helmets and related products that protect you while you are riding your motorcycle. Nowadays we live in a society where people are much concerned about the products they buy. The buyers buy with the intent to balance their cost and feature ratio. We try to pick up those goods and items that have a balance between their cost and other specifications. There are no such things as a false recommendation on our website. We publish the content after spending a considerable time of their experimentation. There are many advantages that you can avail by visiting our site because we not only provide content but also all the data and information that is useful for you while you are making a plan to buy motorcycle helmets.