What They're Looking For

  • 🎓Study Year (Not Required): Grade 12 - 4th Year
  • 🍎Grades (Not Required): 70 - 100%
  • 🎂Age (Not Required): 16 - 24
  • 💵Financial Need (Not Required)

Additional Notes

Playing hockey at any level is a mandatory requirement for this scholarship. 

About Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of the late Jeremy Brett, a hockey enthusiast, mentor & coach.  It was created with the intentions to align with the same goals & leadership qualities he possessed. Jeremy was very passionate about not only the sport itself but the camaraderie, the life lessons & the support system within the team environment. His goal was to teach through example, mentor with wisdom & coach the younger generations to success. Not through win & loss but through teamwork, consistency & discipline.  We want to help his legacy continue on through this scholarship program & help young hockey athletes financially whom are aspiring to continue on with their education.