Scholarship Not Available!

Sorry, this scholarship is no longer offered.

What They're Looking For

  • Gender: Non-Binary or Woman
  • 🎂Age (Not Required): 17 - 30

Additional Notes

This scholarship is for Canadian students studying journalism, communications, media, or tech in Canada. One scholarship will be awarded to a high school student entering a program, the other to a student already enrolled in a college or university program.

About Scholarship

This scholarship, which is in its second year, exists to encourage and support young women and non-binary folks to study a major related to media, with a career in journalism or storytelling in mind.

Upon acceptance to a university or college (or another year in a program) the recipient will receive this award and $10,000 CAD. They will also have the opportunity to meet with founding members of Media Girlfriends in person or over web-conference.

About Company

We are Media Girlfriends, a growing network of diverse women working in Canadian media. 

Media Girlfriends started in 2016 as a podcast created by Nana aba Duncan. The hashtag #MediaGirlfriends has grown to include peer mentorship and the production of networking and skill building events. 

Media can seem like an exclusive world. We aim to change that. We believe Canada's media is stronger with a diversity of voices. That includes you.

This year we also have a scholarship for Black high school students of any gender. It can be found on ScholarTree, listed as 2021 Media Girlfriends Black Student Journalism Scholarship.