What They're Looking For

All students are eligible!

About Scholarship

A good infographic is worth 1,000 words (and maybe even $1,000)!

We love to support and grow the nation's burgeoning class of entrepreneurs. It's why we developed and continue to maintain free documents for business use, and it's the same reason why we have developed our Scholarship Program. Moreover, our Scholarship Program is for driven, up-and-coming, entrepreneurs who are ready to commit to building a better world through their business ideas.

Also, by creating a unique business plan infographic for their scholarship entries, young business dreamers can build upon and practice the skills that will be required of them at their jobs after college. In short, we envision our Scholarship Program as not only an award that will help students in the present, but a test that will help them hone in on their future career paths.

About Company

FormSwift is a tool to help you quickly and easily create, edit, sign, and collaborate on documents and forms. As a member, you can choose from our library of more than 500 document templates and forms or upload your own documents and use FormSwift’s tools to edit them.

FormSwift offers a variety of over 500 legal documents, tax forms and other document templates. You can find all available templates at formswift.com—or browse through our most popular categories of documents: real estate, business, personal, or tax forms—and within the Document Library of your FormSwift member page once you are signed into your account.

We are continually updating our document offerings, and we will be making more documents and forms available on FormSwift. If you are looking to create a document that is currently not available, please let us know by pressing the “Suggest A Document” button within the Document Library in your member account or contact the FormSwift customer service team.