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  • 🎓Study Year: 1st Year - Post Grad

About Scholarship

College is a big step forward in achieving student’s goals and we would like to be a part of the educational life of students. That’s why we are providing $1000 via the Stocks Fetcher Annual Scholarship Program for all students currently enrolled in a college or university!

About Company

It is an initiative to make India realize the infinite potential of the Indian Stock Market and bring forward the major section of India which is scared to invest in Indian Market. The aim is to make them realize that the returns in the stock market can be unbelievable as compared to that comes from bank Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds etc.

An environment is to be created for all traders, such that any newcomer/beginner never loses money due to impulsive or emotional trading, by trading based on borrowed information. The environment where beginners learn from experienced traders and have access to the best trading systems & strategies to successfully trade in the market. All technical analysis tools and methods of use at one place in a very simplified manner.

Stocks Fetcher provides information, new, views, in-depth analysis, insights and the best of stock recommendations related to the Indian Stock Market. It has huge popularity in India as well as other parts of world.