What They're Looking For

  • 👤Ethnicity: Black/African-American
  • 📚Program: Business or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • ❤️Volunteer Experience
  • 🇨🇦Province: Ontario
  • 🎓Study Year (Not Required): 1st Year - Post Grad

About Scholarship

William Peyton Hubbard (1842-1935), the son of a freed slave from Virginia, was first elected to Toronto City Council in1894. During a career that spanned 20 years, he served as the city's first black Alderman, Controller and Acting Mayor.

Among his many achievements was his unwavering support for the development and public ownership of hydroelectric power, amidst strong opposition by Toronto's powerful business community.

Hubbard's leadership and commitment led Sir Adam Beck, regarded as the "father" of Ontario Hydro, to consider him as his strongest ally of the public power movement. Together they made a formidable team. Beck fighting for public ownership province-wide, while Hubbard took the lead on the municipal level. In 1907, Hubbard's efforts were realized when Toronto City Council approved the development and public control of hydroelectric power. In 1992, Ontario Hydro established educational awards for black university and college students in recognition of William Peyton Hubbard. Since May 2000, the successor company Hydro One has continued to support black students through awards honouring the achievements of William Peyton Hubbard. The academic awards will be granted annually to two black students (where possible, one male and one female) studying power industry related disciplines at a recognized Ontario university or community college. The recipients will also be offered a work term/summer employment at Hydro One.

About Company


We believe in innovation — giving new ideas a place to grow and succeed. At Hydro One, we take pride in offering our employees the chance to challenge traditional ways of doing things and to transform our processes. We are not only a hands-on company, we are leaders in technological design.

We have to be.

Our electrical grid is one of the largest in the world and maintaining and modernizing it requires top minds both in the office and in the field. We have earned our reputation for being the best in the electricity delivery business and big ideas are at the heart of our service culture.

Our people openly share their knowledge and experience. This collective intelligence is part of what makes us strong and unique. When you work with Hydro One, your team has your back. The work itself may be the greatest reward, but there are numerous benefits to working with Hydro One: 

  • Respect and dignity: They are every employee’s right and we offer equal access to opportunity across our organization. 
  • Career evolution and continuous learning: We support your curiosity and ambition, and help you plan and achieve your career goals, providing continuous learning and opportunities to advance or upgrade skills. 
  • Diversity: We believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment is essential to meeting our strategic goals. 
  • Excellence: We expect your best and offer the same in return.  
  • Safety: There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our employees. Period.