What They're Looking For

  • 💪Disabilities: Physical Disability
  • 🎓Study Year: Grade 12 - 4th Year
  • 🇨🇦Province: Ontario
  • 🌎Citizenship: Canadian or Permanent Resident (Canada)

About Scholarship

The Tamara Gordon Foundation was established in 2013, to assist students with permanent physical disabilities who wish to pursue the completion of an educational field of study. The Tamara Gordon Foundation Scholarship assists recipients to defray a portion of the costs to complete their post-secondary education. 

The award of a TGF Scholarship is competitive, therefore academic standing and volunteering will be a significant decision factor for the Selection Committee. 

Awards are granted on an annual basis. A recipient in good standing may have their award renewed at a decreased amount at the discretion of the Selection Committee through re-application.

About Company



The Tamara Gordon Foundation is a community based, focused foundation designed especially to address the needs of persons with physical disabilities within the Greater Toronto Area.


The foundation will seek to provide funding and other kinds of resources to support persons with physical disabilities who demonstrate personal initiative, creative striving and a high standard of performance in their quest to achieve their personal and career goals or in order to aid in their personal development. 


We affirm that all people are created equal and that all people including persons with physical disabilities are deserving of an opportunity to develop themselves, become self sufficient, and make a contribution to their society and the world in which they live without discrimination or prejudice.


We believe that despite individual difference more can be achieved when we function as a community where each one helps the other than when we operate in isolation. We believe that greater good would be accomplished and individual efforts would be enhanced when we operate as a cooperative whole rather than as isolated units or individuals. As a result we will seek to bring together different individuals, community groups and organizations to pool their resources and expertise so as to maximize their efforts both individually and collectively.


We believe that the bedrock of success is founded on a desire to achieve excellence in what we do and always striving to be the best we can be. We also believe that in order for persons with physical disabilities and other disenfranchised groups or individuals to be able to achieve the level of excellence they are capable of attaining they must have equal opportunities. We will therefore advocate on their behalf and work to increase opportunities for these groups, while at the same time heighten social awareness of their problems, target societal barriers that prevent them from accessing opportunities that are available to others, and promote compassionate and respectful dialogue and understanding.


The Tamara Gordon Foundation is a Charitable organization dedicated to positively influencing, empowering and improving the lives of persons with physical disabilities in the Greater Toronto Area by providing them with financial, social and practical resources necessary for them to achieve self supporting status, experience equal opportunity to function as citizens of our community, live fulfilled lives and give back to the community. We will act to promote and protect their welfare by focusing on such issues as their rights, abilities, choices, respect and equal opportunities.