What They're Looking For

  • 📚Program: Global Studies, Human Rights, or International Relations
  • 🎓Study Year: 4th Year - Post Grad

Additional Notes

Enrolled in a program of study related to international development and human rights, involving displaced persons or refugees, including but not limited to issues of food security, organizational structure, law and social policy, crisis management, peace studies or conflict transformation.

About Scholarship

The scholarship was created as a tangible memorial of a woman, Katherine Lemke Heinrichs, who survived the loss of family, war, starvation, displacement, and transition to a new world with physically nothing more than what she could carry, but emotionally and spiritually, the strength to learn, rebuild, and thrive.  Arriving in Canada in 1948, she learned a new language and a new way of life, established a home and community, and persisted through hard work to support herself and her family, setting the path for her future generations to succeed in Canada.  Her life tragically ended as a result of ill health only nine years later.

The scholarship is intended to promote education in areas of peace and conflict transformation, international human rights, and law and policy that relate to refugees and displaced persons.