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  • 🏠City: Aylmer, Belmont, Dutton, Malahide, Port Stanley, Rodney, Southwold, St. Thomas, Union, or West Lorne

About Scholarship

At the Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation, we recognize that communities are complex and that many factors go into creating a healthy and vibrant place for all to live. That’s why we take a very broad view of our community and it’s why – with our donors and partners – we fund a wide variety of programs and projects.

About Company

The Elgin St. Thomas Community Foundation helps people give back to the charities and communities they care about, in a way that is simple, convenient and lasting.

We build and manage endowed funds in perpetuity and grant from the interest on those funds to support local charities. Our focus is on improving our communities — the places where we all live, work, play and raise our kids. The place we call home.

We are a young Community Foundation, and started building endowed funds in 2005. Since then we have grown to hold 33 different Funds with a total of over $2.4 million in community assets. In 2017 we granted $215,500 to local, regional and national charities, bringing our total granted to over $950,000 while keeping the capital intact.

With a Community Foundation anyone can leave a legacy. Gifts of ANY amount can contribute to a lasting legacy that supports your personal passions and interests.