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Sorry, this scholarship is no longer offered.

What They're Looking For

  • 📚Program: Veterinary Technician

About Scholarship

  • We welcome applications from all passionate students from high school seniors, undergraduates, and postgraduates. If you are below 18 years of age or if you’re still in high school, make sure to get the consent of your parents or legal guardians before joining.
  • A strong passion for animal welfare is to spread awareness of relevant health issues for Shih Tzus and Toy breed dogs, we are opening a ShihTzuExpert scholarship program to dedicated minds who share our passion and love for animals.
  • If you love animals—especially dogs—and are looking for a future career in veterinary medicine, please get in touch and find out if this scholarship could be right for you.
  • Deadline = 31st December
  • important as we are looking for people who share our love of animals and dogs.

About Company

Adam can’t get enough of outdoor sports. He’s often found surfing, biking and running among other things. He was preparing for an upcoming marathon when he found himself pedaling full speed down a side winding trail. Much like the paths before, he rode hard and tirelessly.

Adam caught a sharp turn and was thrown from his bike. He suffered mild injuries but he was confined to his home for several weeks post surgery. His wife brought home Scout, a white and black Shih Tzu with the trademark white tuft of hair resting upon its crown. He had never had a pet before but he quickly fell in love with this affectionate breed.
Thanks to his canine companion, Adam had a speedy recovery and he was able to get back to his biking.

His love for his canine companion grew, and he couldn’t help but to keep adopting Shih Tzu’s in need, learning more and more about them every day. His friends and family started asking him questions about how to best take care of their small dogs, and Adam began researching the answers to their questions if they didn’t have them already.

When CEO Adam Conrad first adopted his Shih Tzu Scout, he wanted to learn everything he could about owning and loving Shih Tzu’s. He talked to breeders and veterinarians and searched high and low online for all the best information about Shih Tzu’s.

By the time Adam and his wife adopted their third Shih Tzu, a short, brown haired pup named Rio, he got the idea to share this expertise with other seekers through a website: The Shih Tzu Expert.

When he was researching, he was disappointed by the quality of information out there. Most of the information that could be found was more general than Adam would have liked, so Adam decided to use his research for the good of all of the other Shih Tzu owners and lovers and create The Shih Tzu Expert. Since then, he has dedicated himself to providing a wealth of information so that dog breeders, lovers and novice owners alike can have all of the information necessary to best care for their new furry forever friends.

The Shih Tzu Expert aims to be a useful resource that will be beneficial for dog parents at every level of experience. Our site exists to make sure that you get the most happiness from your relationship with your fur babies by keeping you informed and keeping your pets healthy.