Scholarship Not Available!

Sorry, this scholarship is no longer offered.

What They're Looking For

  • 💪Disabilities: Chronic Medical/Health Problem
  • 🎓Study Year: Grade 12
  • 🍎Grades: 80 - 100%
  • ❤️Volunteer Experience

Additional Notes

  • Must be attending their first year of undergraduate university studies this fall, in any field
  • Must have leadership involvement within their school or their community
  • Must be Type 1 Diabetic

About Scholarship

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes during my university career - my mental state, my physical health, and my GPA all suffered because of it. I know university can be challenging, and Type 1 Diabetes can be a constant hurdle, but my hope is that this scholarship provides some solace to a student who is most deserving. Adversity is meant to be conquered.

The scholarship is strongly considering well-rounded leaders, who make a difference in their community and/or school, hold their academics to a high level, and have shown immense growth since their diagnosis.

In your application, please provide the following requirements:

  • Personal Statement up to 500 words, as to what this scholarship would mean to you
  • Academic Record in the form of a transcript or a Grade 12 report card
  • 2 Reference Letters in any, or one, of the following regards: professional, personal, or scholastic
  • Doctor's Note from your endocrinologist/family doctor stating that you in fact suffer from Type 1 Diabetes

Applicants must submit all four requirements to be considered.

Applications are open until July 31. The winner will be notified by August 31. Unfortunately, do to the high number of applicants, only the one successfully awarded student will be notified. The $1,000 CAD scholarship will be reimbursed directly to the successful individual's chosen university to offset tuition costs.

Best of luck to the applicants. Certainly, you will all accomplish wonderful things, even after a cure is found.

From last year's winner...

September 4th, 2021
Dear Aryssah,
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for your generous $1,000 award. I was beyond ecstatic upon learning that you selected me as the recipient of the Torchbearer Scholarship for Type Ones.
Entering my first year of the Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours program at McMaster University, I look to explore the various dimensions of health and pursue a career in healthcare. Specifically, I hope to study medicine and lead as a physician in the Edmonton community and beyond. Thanks to your generosity, I am one step closer to this goal.
Significantly lightening my financial burden, this award will allow me to excel in the various other domains of my university career including academics, research, volunteering, and leadership. With your support, I make a commitment to continue fostering a strong work ethic in my educational and professional pursuits.
You have inspired me to give back to the community, as you have given to me. Thank you for this scholarship once again.
Zenab Gill