What They're Looking For

  • 📚Program: Medical School or Physiotherapy
  • 🎓Study Year: Post Grad

About Scholarship

Whipper Billy Watson Bursary was founded by the employees of the former Canadian Airlines International.  Whipper Billy is remembered for his dedication and passion in helping “kids” with a physical disability reach their maximum potential.  Whipper was a mentor emphasizing the importance of an education.  Education changes every child’s world and is particularly the great equalizer for disabled kids as it awakens their expectations.

This bursary has been established to assist students with physical disabilities in full-time study at an Ontario College of Applied Arts & Technology. Bursaries are granted each year to one male and one female who demonstrate potential for studies at the Community College level.

About Company

Bloorview School Authority is an educational facility that provides innovative school programs to children and youth with special needs. Bloorview School Authority is located on the same site as Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, but is a separate corporate and legal entity. Each year hundreds of children and young people from across Ontario benefit from our individualized educational programs, which are set up in conjunction with ongoing therapeutic and medical care. Students may be clients, inpatients or day patients of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

School Authorities are created pursuant to Section 68 of the Education Act of Ontario, with all the duties, powers and responsibilities of District School Boards, housed in Children’s Treatment Centres and providing educational programs and services for children and young adults who have physical and/or communication disabilities and related developmental issues.  

In addition to Bloorview School Authority, the others are Campbell Children’s School Authority, Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre School Authority/ l'École du Centre de traitement pour enfants d'Ottawa, Niagara Peninsula Chidren’s Centre School Authority, KidsAbility School Authority, and John McGivney Children’s Centre School Authority.