Believe it or not, debt is a normal thing that most people have. Although it is possible to live a debt-free life, you have to do a lot of things to achieve that. Being in debt isn’t a bad thing, as there times that you may need something that you can’t afford at the moment. However, with credit, you can get that item for a payment made in instalments.

Almost no one is safe from debt. Even students have debts that stem from college loans and education needs. It may seem like a lot, but nearly every student has to go through paying their student loans. The good news is that student loans often have strict provisions or stipulations that make it safe for both student and lender.

Even with those provisions, being a student can be tough, especially if you’re a bit thin with your funds. This reality is why most students consider working while studying through college — working while studying can be very advantageous for young men and women. Aside from earning money, they also get to develop real-world skills that can go a long way after they graduate.

Of course, the money students earn through extra work always has a place to go to. This money can be used for emergency purposes, pay off a few amounts from their student debts, or they can use it for their wants and needs. When it comes to working and studying at the same time, balance is key. The constant juggling of study and work can lead to low wages. To avoid being in more debt, a student needs to save up. Here are a few tips to help a student save:

Keep Your Change

Going out and enjoying the night after a hard exam is part of a student’s life. When students go out, you can be sure that they’ll be spending on food and drinks. If you’re faced with this situation, always get your change when you pay up. Don’t go for the old saying, “keep the change.” As a student, you need more money than anyone else.

The trick to saving up change is by getting a durable container, preferably a big, empty, and clean pickle jar. Every time you buy something, keep your change. When you get home, place your coins and change inside your jar. Don’t mind the small change, and keep adding up your change. In no time, you’ll soon be surprised by how much money you saved up.

Student Discounts

Almost every establishment has a student discount. Most of the time, students often forget that they can ask for a discount. Business owners and servers won’t ask if you’re a student for you to avail of a discount. You should instead ask politely if they have discounts.

Student discounts may not be much, but imagine having to save at least $1-2 on meals every time you eat out. $2 might not be much, but again, every small bit of cash adds up.

Don’t Go Out Every Time

Again, going out after a tough day at school is part of college life. However, almost every day will be a tough day for students. Instead of going out all the time, try staying inside for a change. When you stay home for a while, you’ll get to save a lot more. If you’re bored staying at home, you can do a lot of things to entertain yourself at home.

For one, you can play video games, watch a movie, read a book, study, and you can even invite friends over for a few drinks. Remember, it’s your right to enjoy yourself once in a while, but do enjoy responsibly.

Free Events

Most of the time, a lot of universities and colleges often host free events for their students to enjoy. These events can be music fests, movie screenings, and other fun activities you can certainly enjoy. Keep in touch with your student board or check the schedules of your campus, so you know when and where these events are held.

Be Responsible

It’s a known fact that most people will have debts. You can use services like Borrowell to keep track of your credit score or you can check american debt live and see how people are saving up. Other than that use a bit of common sense, use your credit cards responsibly and avoid spending too much. Try to focus on your studies and work, and you’ll eventually graduate with more skills and knowledge, and less debt on your hands.


Debts are a part of everyone’s life, including students. To pay off debt and student loans, most young people work and study at the same time. This is the reason why most students need to save up. The tips mentioned above are perfect examples of how a student can save up.

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