Application Tips from a SHAD Fellow

INTERVIEW: Quite simply, I chose to apply to SHAD because I had spent way too many summers in the past doing essentially nothing but watching Netflix 24/7. I wanted to be more productive and embark on new experiences. Additionally, it was a great way to meet new people and hear new perspectives. Most importantly, I wanted to get out of Ontario and explore the rest of Canada—the views in “the 6” can be quite tiring sometimes…


How to WIN the TD Scholarship

INTERVIEW: Sahar Allen, a student who attended Sutherland Secondary School in North Vancouver, received the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership. The TD is one of the largest Canadian scholarships for graduating high school students. The scholarship is valued at $70,000 and includes internship opportunities that give recipients valuable summer work experience. I got the opportunity to ask Sahar…


How to WIN the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Scholarship

INTERVIEW: Fredriz Cantilado is a student at the University of Toronto (Scarborough) pursuing a double major in International Development Studies and Health Policy, with a minor in Health Humanities. She is also a winner of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. I had the opportunity to interview Fredriz about the scholarship and her experiences with the application process…